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Welcome to the Copenhagen Zoo
More than just a meeting

For more than 160 years, ZOO has offered discoveries year-round. Here you can gather colleagues, customers and business partners for all types of company events in an exploratory oasis in the middle of Copenhagen. Entrance to the Garden is included and there are a multitude of activities to choose from as a spice for the professional program.

Centrally located
ZOO is centrally located in the city between the Søndermarken and Frederiksberg Gardens. It is easy to get there by public transport, car or bicycle. There is also good parking.

A wealth of opportunities
At ZOO you can hold meetings and parties for 6-400 people in everything from a classic auditorium and historic premises to impressive architectural frameworks - all with a unique view.

Hold a team meeting, Christmas lunch or rent the entire ZOO for a night out. All events can be combined with a tour or one of ZOO's other close to animal experiences.

Known for award-winning food solutions with edge, Madkastellet is behind the stoves in ZOO and cooks for events and for the garden's three restaurants. Everything is based on good ingredients, and the kitchen always takes into account individual needs and wishes.

The kitchen is managed by Casper Sobczyk, who among other things has made himself known as a regular chef in Go'Morgen Denmark.

Professional equipment
All meeting rooms are equipped with updated screens and audio equipment. Free WiFi is available throughout the garden.


AV facilities

Large canvas, projector, PC, keyboard, mouse, wireless microphones and document scanner.

Remaining premises
Projector, canvas, flipchart and white board. Bring your own PC / Mac and any speakers.

Free WiFi throughout the Garden.


The premises are divided into what we call the Yellow House, but we also have two rooms in our new Panda plant. Our auditorium is located on the first floor of the building that houses our main entrance.

Bistro panpan
The two meeting rooms are named after the facility's two residents Mao Sun and Xing Er, and each have a capacity of up to 35 seated guests. The restaurant seats 145 guests for dinner or 192 guests for a reception.

The Yellow House
The elegant rooms are ideal for meetings, corporate parties and dinner events. When the rooms in the living room are opened in one, there is room for 400 guests for reception or 270 when covered for dinner. During the hot months, breakfast can be enjoyed on the large terrace in the middle of the ZOO. On the first floor there are four meeting rooms with the smallest seating for six guests and the largest accommodating up to 60 guests.

On the first floor of the main entrance to the ZOO is a classic auditorium that seats 140 people with updated AV equipment including wireless microphones. The auditorium overlooks the Haven, and is ideal for lectures and conferences where breaks can even be spiced with a trip out into the Haven. A meeting or conference can be combined with lunch or dinner in either the Yellow House or the Bistro panpan.

Traffic connections

Take the city bike
Close to the main entrance of the ZOO there is a charging station for the white city bikes. The city bikes are electric and have GPS displays so you can get to ZOO quickly and easily. You will also find the City Bikes at the metro and S train stations.

Line 6A runs straight to the Main Entrance directly from the Central Station. If you come from Valby Station, you can take line 4A and get off at the intersection Roskildevej / Søndre Fasanvej. Afterwards there is a small walk up Roskildevej before you are at the main entrance.

The nearest train station is Valby Station. This includes both Intercity trains and S-trains. From Valby Station you can either walk, take the City Bike or bus line 4A to get to the ZOO.

The nearest metro stations are Fasanvej Station and Frederiksberg Allé Station. From Fasanvej Station you can choose to walk, take the City Bike or bus line 4A to get to ZOO. From Frederiksberg Allé Station you can take bus line 7A directly to ZOO's Main Entrance.

Disability and bicycle parking
Disabled parking and bicycle parking can be found at the main entrance to the ZOO. Buses must unload at and off the main entrance and park in the bus parking areas along Roskildevej.

The parking lot along the Søndermarken area no longer covered by Frederiksberg Municipality's 2-hour parking and parking license can therefore not be used.

Read more about our parking oppotunities her

  • Coffee/tea with bread roll upon arrival
  • Coffee/tea buffet at noon
  • Ice water
  • Fruit
  • Lunch
  • Plenum
  • Standard AV-equipment
  • Coffee/tea with bread roll upon arrival
  • Coffee/tea buffet at noon
  • Ice water
  • Fruit
  • Lunch
  • 1 soft drink / mineral water
  • Afternoon coffee/tea-buffet incl. pastry
  • Plenum
  • Standard AV-equipment
  • Coffee/tea with bread roll upon arrival
  • Coffee/tea buffet at noon
  • Ice water
  • Fruit
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon coffee/tea-buffet incl. pastry
  • 2 course dinner
  • Evening coffee/tea
  • Plenum
  • Standard AV-equipment

Zoo – København
Roskildevej 32
2000 Frederiksberg



Single Rooms

Double Rooms

Handicap friendly rooms




Plenum 7

Max number of chairs in lines 120

Max number of chairs at tables 96

Group rooms 2


Restaurant Ja

Dining guests 200

Dining seats in restaurant 145

Dining seats in private room 128


Bar Ja

Lounge Nej

Billiard/dart/bordtennis/etc Nej

Spa Nej

Pool Nej

Fitness room Nej

Casino Nej

Green outside areas Ja

Golf Nej

Aircondition Ja

Chef school Nej


Distance to airport 13.5 Kilometers

Distance to train station 1.5 Kilometers

Distance to bus 0 Kilometers

Distance to highway 2.5 km

Free parking 0

Distance to free parking Kilometers