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Danish Conference Venues is owned by Foreningen Danske Konference Centre (a Danish union). We consists of more than 100 meeting- and conference venues in Denmark and is a service free of charge and non-binding for the customers. For more than 20 years we have provided booking service for organisations in need for a conference- or meeting venue in Denmark and have extensive knowledge about planning, booking and coordination of meeting and conferences. We possess in-depth knowledge to the Danish conference industry which means that we offer the most suitable conference venues to our customers based on their needs and requirements.




  • Contact Danish Conference Venues by phone on: +45 45820999, by email on or via the online inquiry.
  • Tell us what you need; when and for how many people and if you have special requirements
  • We will return on the same day with at least 3 different conference centers that match your needs

  • Save time
  • Find inspiration
  • Use our free and non-binding service
  • Talk to our experts
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Venue Experts
Johannes Sloth Odgaard

Johannes Sloth Odgaard


Johannes Sloth Odgaard

What does Johannes do at Danske Konferencecentre?

Johannes is the person you call if you need to find a venue for your conference or meeting. He is ready with inspiration, advice, and guidance, and has extensive knowledge of the various meeting and conference centers.

What has Johannes done before?

Johannes has been an operations manager and business owner for 8 years in the event industry, primarily with and, where he was responsible for booking, sales, and customer service.

Fun Fact: Johannes is a big fan of the Spanish/Galician football club Deportivo La Coruña, which he has supported through thick and thin. Additionally, he is fanatical about hip-hop from the late 80s onwards.

Call Johannes: Tlf. +45 60 88 74 58

Email Johannes:

Charlotte Skov

Charlotte Skov


Charlotte Skov

What is Charlotte’s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Call Charlotte if you are looking for a venue for your meeting or conference. Charlotte is ready with her advice and guidance had has a great overview of the many possibilities.

What did Charlotte work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Charlotte has many years of experience in holding meetings and events from hotels and catering in London and Copenhagen.

Fun Fact: Charlotte loves the cold shiver and happily jumps in Oresund ocean through out the winther time. She spends the weekend at the golf course.

Call Charlotte: Tlf. +45 45 94 24 47

Email Charlotte:

Thorkild Jensen

Thorkild Jensen


Thorkild Jensen


What is Thorkild´s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Call Thorkild if you need to find a place for your conference or meeting. Thorkild is ready with inspiration, guidance and has extensive knowledge about the many different conference venues in Denmark. 

What did Thorkild work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Thorkild has worked in the service industry most of his life and in the past years within sales and meetings.

Fun Fact:  Thorkild spends most of his time renovating an old house. He also enjoys football and skiing in the Alps.  

Call Thorkild : Tlf. +45 45 94 24 42

Write to Thorkild: 

Malou Møller

Malou Møller


Malou Møller

What is Malou’s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Call Malou if you are looking for a venue for your meeting or conference. She loves to “hunt” for the right place and is just as excited every time she finds the perfect place for her customers.

What did Malou work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Malou lived in Greece for 27 years and as well as working at a law office, she booked exclusive villas for tourists from all over the world.

Fun Fact:

Malou loves to take long walks, especially near the sea where it reminds her of Greece. She also loves to go on bike rides and nurture her plants, that she occasionally talks to, if they need some extra attention. She is a true first mover when it comes to culture and therefore she spends every weekend exploring the city of Copenhagen. Some day she might study architecture.

Call Malou: +45 78 73 60 00

Email Malou:

Trine Schlaikjær Kofod

Trine Schlaikjær Kofod


Trine Schlaikjær Kofod


What is Trine's job at Danish Conference Venues?

Call Trine if you need a venue for your conference or meeting. Trine helps and guides you towards the perfect venue with the right setting.

What did Trine work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Trine has previously worked with project management of IT projects as well as general management.

Fun Fact:  In her spare time Trine enjoys the nature, where she collects crops and then experiment in the kitchen. The holiday home is frequently visited, with time spent knitting,  enjoying the fireplace and a sea bath.  

Call Trine: Tlf. +45 45 94 24 41

Write to Trine: 

Maiken Osbæck Olsen

Maiken Osbæck Olsen

Administrative coordinator

Maiken Osbæck Olsen

What is Maiken´s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Maiken coordinates our inquiries and ensures that they land with the right booking officer. Maiken is also responsible for several administrative tasks and, among other things, plans the booking department's visits to the association's venues during the year.

What did Maiken work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Maiken has worked with sales and marketing in the holiday rental industry for more than 20 years.

Fun Fact: Maiken enjoys her free time in her VW California both in Denmark and abroad. And she also has a great love for wine from Germany.

Call Maiken: Tlf. +45 45 94 24 45

Email Maiken:

Product Manager Online Booking
Gitte Marie Bang-Hansen

Gitte Marie Bang-Hansen

Product Manager Online Booking

Gitte Marie Bang-Hansen

What is Gitte´s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Gitte is responsible for our new onlinebooking platform. She makes sure the venues are presented in the best way possible online in order for the meetingplaners to search and choose their favorite meetingvenue.

What did Gitte work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Gitte has worked in the hotel and travel industry for 18 years. She works a lot with experience management, which she uses daily to make sure the bookingplatform is up to date and userfriendly.

Fun Fact: In addition to being a proud mother of two llittle boys, Gitte loves to be creative and building on her house in Ringsted, which often gives her husband grey hair.

Call Gitte: Tlf. +45 45 94 24 46

Email Gitte:

Maja Salomonsen

Maja Salomonsen


Maja Salomonsen

What does Maja do at Danske Konferencecentre?

Maja handles Digital Marketing with a particular focus on Google advertising and search engine optimization. She also works on optimizing the website’s usability and content.

What has Maja done before?

She has worked in digital marketing within the agency industry, where she held the position of marketing manager for B2C companies, giving her extensive knowledge across many sectors. She previously worked at Adtimize and Group Online.

Fun Fact: Maja enjoys exploring Copenhagen, where she often attends concerts or art exhibitions. She can always provide great tips for good bars and cafés. Additionally, she loves taking long walks and has a great affection for chips.

Call Maja: Tlf. +45 44 22 42 10

Email Maja:

Helle Egholm Lorentzen

Helle Egholm Lorentzen

Customer Succes Manager

Helle Egholm Lorentzen

What is Helle´s job at Danish Conference Venues? Helle is responsible for maintaining and further developing the relationship between our partners and us. Helle is also responsible for planning our annual Inspiration Day every August, as well as overseeing the certification if our World Goals Index.

What did Helle work with prior to Danish Conference Venues? Recently, Helle was a part of a new restaurant concept start-up in Plantorama, but prior to this, Helle worked with events for many years, both as a event manager and venue manager. Educated in Hospitality Management she has customer service and event planning close to her heart and a good combination of theory and practical experience within the industry.

Fun Fact: Helle is a real handyman in her spare time. She loves to renovate her house and spending time in her garden and with her young son and their dog.

Ring til Helle: Tlf. +45 45 94 24 49

Skriv til Helle:




Ditte Rønne Jakobsen

What is Dittes’s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Ditte's job includes different marketing tasks - mostly digital, and she is in charge of writing our weekly newsletter. She also writes the content on our blog and she makes sure that our webpage is updated to provide our customers with the best experience.

What did Ditte work with prior to Danish Conference Venues?

Ditte just graduated from Copenhagen Business School holds an MSc in Business Administration and Corporate Communication (can.merc.kom) with a focus on social media. She used to work for KCUC and Scoop Models where she also did digital marketing.

Fun Fact:

Ditte loves sport and is always cheering when the Danish national handball team is playing. She used to compete in standard-latin, disco and hiphop and won the Danish Championship in Disco and Street Dance in 2012.

Call Ditte: +45 42 15 21 78

Email Ditte:

Marlene H Sylvester-Hvid

Marlene H Sylvester-Hvid


Marlene Horsbøl Sylvester-Hvid

What is Marlene’s job at Danish Conference Venues?

Marlene is our energetic CEO. She motivates and sets goals the team.

What did Marlene work with prior to Danish Conference Venues

Marlene once sold subscriptions at the national newspaper Berlingske, and she contributed to the creation of one of Denmarks first free newspapers. She has also worked in the IT-industry and then she spent 4 years being her own boss working with stress and well-being which resulted in the book “Balance for life”.

Fun Fact: Marlene loves old cars and bikes and has quite a few herself.

Call Marlene: +45  45 94 24 40

E-mail Marlene: