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Cookies and privacy

When a user visits our website we collect data about the visit that can be used to adjust and improve our content for the benefit of our visitors. If you do not want us to collect this data you should delete your cookies (See manual here) and avoid using the website further. In the following we will elaborate on which data we collect, what the purpose of collection is and which data third parties have access to.

Our website uses “cookies”, text files saved on your computer, mobile device etc. that allow us to identify returning users, remember settings, create statistics and target information to you, the visitor. Cookies cannot contain any harmful codes such as a virus. It is possible to delete or block cookies. The first time you visit our website, you will be resented with our cookie pop up, where you actively take a position on your cookie consent. It is at any time possible to delete and block cookies – e.g. if you want to change your consent. Data is stored locally on your computer, therefore the method is such that you go in and clear the browser’s cache, after which you will be asked to give consent to which cookies are used. Here it will be clear which cookies we use with the option to deselect these. See instructions here: If a visitor deletes or blocks cookies, information that is less relevant will appear more often. The visitor will also risk that the website is not presented as well as possible and that there is content that may disappear.

Personal data

In general
Personal data refers to any information that can be related to you as an individual. When you visit our website, we collect and use personal data, for example via newsletters and if you participate in competitions or surveys. Typically, we collect and use the following data: A unique identifier and technical data about your computer, tablet or phone, your IP-address, geographical placement and which pages you visit (interests). If you give your consent, we also collect and use your name, phone number, e-mail and address. This will typically be in the event you use the contact form when requesting an offer.

We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is not accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, altered, disclosed without authorization, misused or otherwise processed in violation of the law.

The data collected is used to identity the visitor in order to show the most relevant content and deliver the services the visitor has requested, such as newsletters. We also use data to optimize our service and website.

Period of retention
Data is retained for the period allowed by legislation and we delete data when it is no longer necessary. The period for storage is based on the type of data and the reason for keeping it. This means that it is not possible to have a generic period for keeping and deleting data.

Disclosure of data
Data about a visitors use of the website, which advertisements they receives and click on, geographical location, gender and age etc. is distributed to a third-party if the data is known to Danish Conference Venues. You are able to see above under the section “Cookies”, which third parties we use. The data is used for targeted advertising.
Besides this, we work with third parties for data storage and use of data. In these cases, the data is only used by Danish Conference Venues and the partners are not allowed to use them, for their own benefit, in any way.
Disclosure of personal data such as name, e-mail etc. will only occur if the visitor gives permission. We use data processors in the EU or in countries that can sufficiently protect the data.

Insight and complaints
All visitors have the right to know what personal data we collect and use. At any time, it is possible for a visitor to withdraw their consent to data being stored and used. If the data about the visitor is incorrect, the visitor is within their rights to have the data corrected or deleted. Enquiries regarding such matters must be e-mailed to If a visitor wishes to complain about Danish Conference Venues’ storage and use of data, it is also possible to contact Datatilsynet.


Storage and use of data policy

Danish Conference Venues’ policy on using data is applicable to all our services, websites and newsletters unless otherwise stated. References to “data” in Danish Conference Venues’ storage and use of data policy is a reference to any data, such as survey results, data collected in relation to sales or data collected from any of our websites. References to personal data, means data that we collect that can identify the user.

The rights of users
At any time a user is within their rights to obtain insight into the personal data Danish Conference Venues use.
At any time a user is within their rights to have their data corrected and updated.
At any time a user is within their rights to have their data deleted.
If a user asks to be deleted, all data that Danish Conference Venues is not obligated by law to keep, will be deleted. If data is deleted it will, in some circumstances, mean that Danish Conference Venues is not able to deliver the service that can otherwise be expected. If any of the data stored by Danish Conference Venues is provided with consent from the user, this person is within their rights to have their data deleted, which means that Danish Conference Venues is not allowed to use the data. However, this does not apply to the data that Danish Conference Venues is obligated to store by law.

At any time a user can, in writing, ask for an overview and a copy of their personal data that Danish Conference Venues is in possession of.
A written request about the above must be signed by the user and include their name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
The user can also contact Danish Conference Venues if they believe that their data is being used in violation of legislation or in violation of other legal obligations such as the agreement/contract that the user has signed with Danish Conference Venues.
A written request must be send to
Danish Conference Venues will, as far as possible, within one month distribute the overview and copy of the data about the user to the address given in the written request. If the user asks for a correction or deletion of their data, Danish Conference Venues will assess if the conditions for the request are met, and in such cases, correct or delete the data as soon as possible.
Danish Conference Venues have the right to reject requests that call for disproportionately technical measures (for example a new IT-system) or that affects the protection of other users or other situations where it is excessively demanding or complicated to accommodate the request.

Security and sharing of data
Danish Conference Venues protect the users data and has established guidelines to protect the data against unauthorized publication.
Only those people/employees at Danish Conference Venues that, as part of their work, need to access the data will be able to see it.
Danish Conference Venues will, on an ongoing basis, ensure that there is no unauthorized access to the users data.
Danish Conference Venues will, on an ongoing basis, backup the users data.
In situations of security breaches where there is a high risk of abuse of the users data, such as identity theft, economic loss, loss of reputation or any other type of abuse, Danish Conference Venues will inform the user about the security breach as soon as possible.
Danish Conference Venues security procedures will, on an ongoing basis, be re-evaluated and updated in relation to technological developments.
Danish Conference Venues uses several external suppliers of IT-services, IT-systems, payment solutions, etc.
Danish Conference Venues, on an ongoing basis, ensures it establishes data processing agreements with all suppliers to secure maintenance of the necessary level of protection of the users data.
To be able to fulfil the agreements with the user and to accommodate our customers’ needs, Danish Conference Venues will share specific data with suppliers such as restaurants, hotels, etc.

Data collect from our website

Newsletter recipients
We always have permission from our newsletter recipients to send newsletters to their e-mail address. We collect the following data: name, e-mail and workplace (if indicated). All newsletter recipients can, at any time, unsubscribe to the newsletters at the bottom of the newsletter or by contacting Danish Conference Venues at

Website visitors
We use cookies to collect data about visitors to our websites. These data includes statistics for the use of our websites. Via newsletters we collect data related to opening rates and click rates.

User information
We collect information about the users of our websites and services. This includes which websites the user visits, clicks on, the time of use, language, etc.

Unit and browser data
We collect data from the device and the browser or app used to access Danish Conference Venues’ services. Device data primarily includes IP-address and types of browser.

Referral information
If a visitor accesses Danish Conference Venues’ websites from an external source (such as a link on an external website or an e-mail), this source will be registered as a referral to the website.

Data collected in connection with offers and bookings

Contact information from Danish Conference Venues’ customers
(For example, e-mail address and/or phone number).
A customer might supply their contact information when using Danish Conference Venues’ booking service, on a sign-up form on the websites or via a conversation with the sales and booking team.

The customer’s purchase history
We collect data about a customer’s purchase history such as previous bookings and booking requests that include offers, venues and prices.

Storage of the customer’s data
The customer’s data will be stored as long as it is necessary for Danish Conference Venues. If the customer would like it to be deleted, this will be done immediately.

Use of the customer’s data
If the customer has given permission to Danish Conference Venues to use its data to send newsletters this will be done as long as the customer has not unsubscribed to the newsletter.
In relation to offers and bookings, Danish Conference Venues uses the data for future offers and bookings.

Basis for storing customer’s data
Danish Conference Venues store customer data in order to provide a better service for customers. In order to provide the best customer service it is essential to be aware of the customer’s purchase history.

Information about data at data processors
Data from newsletters and customers is stored with third party data processors. This data will only be distributed by Danish Conference Venues. All third party data processors have signed a contract to ensure that legislation is respected and that the customer’s data is stored correctly and legally according to the GDPR law.

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